Why Maintenance Plays A Critical Role In Heavy Duty Vehicles?

Just like any other vehicle on the road, heavy duty trucks and lorries need to be regularly inspected, with proper maintenance procedures requiring to be performed on them if deemed necessary. In a way, we can actually say that maintenance is much more important in this type of vehicle than in normal light vehicles. There are quite a few reasons for this, and listed below are some of the more important ones:

Improve Safety – Driving larger vehicles tends to be quite hazardous if they are in poor roadworthy conditions. Factors such as worn tires, improperly set-up suspension systems and an engine that has not been tuned up in a long time make it much more difficult to keep overall control of the vehicle, thus turning it into a potential hazard for other road users. In fact, recent studies have shown that the main reason for most truck accidents has been improper maintenance.

Repairs Tend to Be Expensive – One thing to take note is that parts for heavy duty vehicles, including brake pads, engines and truck batteries are often much larger in size than similar parts used in light road vehicles. Fortunately, they also tend to be more durable and resistant to wear, even under extreme conditions. The only problem with them is that their price tag is quite high, which makes it difficult to cope with regular part replacements. For example, a single engine for a heavy duty truck can cost as much as a moderately equipped luxury sedan. By performing regular maintenance procedures, it is possible to avoid replacing parts too often, thus helping you to drastically reduce expenses.

Decreases Fuel Consumption – Heavy duty vehicles tend to travel quite long distances all year, which means that reducing running costs by even a small amount each day can prove to be quite beneficial. The best way to reduce running costs is to decrease a truck’s total fuel consumption, something that can be done by properly tuning up and optimising truck engines.

Reduces Downtime – Failing to properly maintain your truck’s engine or transmission, or delaying to replace its deep cycle batteries Brisbane may mean that your truck will be either left stranded on the roadside or awaiting repairs at a local mechanic. This downtime can quickly add up to a significant amount of time, one where you won’t be making any profits with your stationary truck. Emergency roadside assistance might also be quite expensive, thus making you wonder whether it is really worth the risk of not having a maintenance schedule for your truck.

To Ensure Road Compliance – Most countries in the world place many strict regulations and limits on heavy-duty vehicles, including severe penalties and heavy fines for those who fail to abide by them. You really don’t want to be caught with a truck that is not road compliant, or be ready to face quite some trouble in the near future.