Observing Road Safety Regulations

It is the responsibility of all drivers to uphold the road safety regulations and standards when in front of the wheel. This is because each driver is responsible for his safety, the safety of the passengers in the vehicle, as well as the safety of the people on the roads. A driver must be made aware of what is expected of him in relation to the quality of his driving, and if he or she is a reckless driver, it can result in detrimental consequences, which include accidents which could lead to severe harm being done to all involved. To be a careless driver is a selfish act, and most people tend to have a falsely placed confidence in their driving, believing that they will be safe on the roads irrespective of what happens. It is this arrogant attitude that leads to so many road accidents. All drivers, passengers and pedestrians should be made aware of the road rules, and should be encouraged to abide by them, uphold them, and encourage those around them also to observe them. In order to enforce law and order on the roads, traffic policeman play a part in maintaining road discipline. This is through directing the flow of traffic and also by keeping an eye out for violators of road rules, Depending on the severity, violators will either be fined or be jailed.

One main cause of so many road accidents is driving under the influence. This leads to reckless driving due to the driver not being in their right senses. This endangers him as well as whoever else might be in the vehicle at that moment. Thanks to breathalyzer tests and the diligence of police forces, offenders are identified and penalized, thus discouraging them from repeating the same mistakes, and making the roads a safer place for everyone. All drivers should also make sure that their vehicles are roadworthy to take complete care of your safety, as if they are not, they could stall in the middle of the road, which will cause a lot of inconvenience and probably even damage. In the event of an accident of some sort, fragile, old vehicles will be left battered and barely usable, so it‘s better to own newer, sturdy vehicles.

Drivers should also make sure they are not distracted when they drive, and should turn their entire focus to the road. One main source of distraction is the mobile phone, which should be turned off when driving. If need be, drivers should only take calls and responding to messages after pulling over on a side of the road. Failure to abide by these rules could lead in injuries and severe repercussions to the vehicle, and sometimes car repair services will not even be able to restore the vehicle. It is thereby highlighted how important it is to observe road rules and be a responsible driver.