Car Services On The Go

Like everything else these days, services related to cars and other automobiles are now compact and available on the go. Don’t want to lug your car to the shop? Make one phone call and you can have it done for you. Here are some of the specialized services that you can expect from mechanics when they come to the spot.

Fixer Upper

One of the first things you need to be doing if you have been in an accident is windscreen repairs and now, you can expect round the clock service from a lot of specialized garages. Service providers understand that customers cannot always wait for the weekend to get their vehicle fixed and that it is better to go to them and get the job done than wait for them to turn up. Most places have small units equipped with all the tools necessary to change the glass on the spot and tinker with the finishing touches later.

If a customer is in a hurry, they will even leave the proper instalments for later and patch it up enough so that the vehicle is in driving condition.In addition to mobile windscreen repair, garages and body shops also provide tyre removal and replacement, temporary paint jobs and towing as part of their ‘on the spot’ packages. One of the reasons that anything more serious is not fixed on the road is that usually there wouldn’t be enough space near the breakdown to fix a vehicle, but also these tools require high electricity voltage that is not always available from a nearby socket; nor is it encouraged. Visit 

Wash ‘n Dry

A typical car wash will require a massive amount of water and energy because it uses automated spin cycles and lots of pressure in order to get even the slightest speck of dust off the vehicle. However, there are small manual motor powered pressure pumps that use a lesser volume of water to wash cars. These units look like small nano cabs with a bicycle attached; the bicycle pedals power the generator which then provides the energy for the pressure pumps and the vehicles. They have proved popular with parking lots because a two-man team can wash a car in less than 15 minutes using these units. They are light, compact and highly functional, easily moving between larger vehicles.

Custom Ride

Again, shop owners prefer if you bring your vehicle in, but a few enterprising artists and auto shop owners have developed business models where they will communicate with clients over phone and email and then develop custom stickers and designs to be painted or pasted on the vehicle wherever it is. It involves a lot of extra communication and more technology then the old school methods because the artist will not see the vehicle till the end; there has to be complete understanding and a thorough knowledge of the specs of the vehicle concerned on both sides. Once the prep is done, these mechanics will go to the customer and spray paint/paste the designs on the vehicle body.