A Hunting Expedition To Spend The Weekend

It is true that, we spend weeks working and working nonstop for others and we not even realize that we have forgotten ourselves. You have responsibility to serve yourself too. Giving a break to your exhausted body is a must if you are a hard working person as to start it new. Because human body is closer to a machine and this body machine also tend to break when it over worked. So you have to maintain it and give it a repair once in a while. So what about your weekends? It is okay if you like to spend the weekend at home, but then the adventurous spirit in you would just fade away with the time. So why don’t you try something? A hunting expedition?

Hunting – Well, if you are interested in a hunting expedition, then is great. Because it is not about hard work, it about patience, focus and relaxing your mind, all the things that you need to calm your mind and body. Well if you like to go hunting, choose a hunting buddy, but two is already enough though, as the animals would feel the sense of lot of intruders so they would just run and hide, so your journey would be for nothing. And you just can’t enter to a hunting field like you are going to the supermarket. You should have to camouflage with the clothes that would suite with the surrounding of the field just like good Ridgeline camo clothing.

Essentials – And the next thing is, you can’t state an exact time when your hunting stops. Because you will catch an animal pretty sooner or you wouldn’t be lucky to catch anything even you spend the whole day there. That is why you need the focus and the patience very much in this. So it is a hard thing to roam around the woods or stay at a one place for so long without having any essentials like food or anything. Therefore you got to pack things like jerry cans with water and some quick food to bring with you so you could use them when you needed them in the middle of the woods.So that, when you done for the day, even though you catch an animal or not, you will feel great than any other than staying at home for the weekend and watch some TV. You will start your week with so much energy and motivation with the promise of going back again this weekend too. So you don’t have to spend a boring life anymore but an adventurous one.